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I have had a TB for eight years with many a bad experience,I met Sarah my brilliant instructor this year after buying a third horse which also came with issues ,,Sarah has given me so much confidence, we have found 6 gear after 8 years of go slow, she has also helped with my new horse who had bad habits and trust issues, Sarah has given me confidence to actually kick on or squeeze on in every aspects of riding I feel that with Sarsh's help myself and my horses are going to achieve so so much. Sarah just seems to make us all at ease and myself and my 4year old daughter think she is a fantastic instructor.

Sarah's  Clients on Sarah

Lisa  ~

Sarah has been riding our horse Ruby for over a year now and we have never looked back, she has totally changed our horse into the horse we always wanted, she is very knowledgeable, experienced, reliable, punctual, approachable, professional and personable. But the thing we most like about her is she is Flexible and adapts her lessons/training to suit our needs and preferences. During today's lesson she helped us load Ruby into our new trailer with total success, we are so happy and can't recommend her enough.

Neil    ~

When I first met Sarah I had only sat on a pony a few times because of Sarah and her amazing teaching I have overcame my fears and can now ride my pony she made my lessons fun and exciting I've learnt things I never thought I would such as rain back,legyeild and much more. Sarah is the best and is great with kids I've done two dressage test coming 5th in my second with a score of 63.1% which I could never had done without her. When I was going through a tough stage were I would only walk Sarah pushed me through it and now I have came so far with my pony I couldn't be happier

Ella age 10~

Sarah's  Partner Matt 

What can I say about Sarah... For several years now I’ve been by her side and given her my support in the best I could as she worked her way through the exams and gained her qualifications (I remember every sigh and every tear) ready to set off in this world and grasp her dream as a Freelance Rider, Instructor. From that moment on, there was no turning back for Sarah. She takes everything personally and puts in everything physically and mentally possible to enable her Clients (for want a better word) to achieve their goal’s, no matter how small that step may be for some, It’s a world away to them, and, for what I’ve seen, Sarah wont rest mentally even at home during “her time”. she is on one inside reflecting on the way through for that particular client that’s on her mind. She truly is selfless as a person and gives everything to the cause, but not her own, she gets so much joy from seeing people achieve their goals, for they became her goals. That’s where her job satisfaction comes from, watching those she advises, instructs and mentors achieve.

Sue Barber proprietor of Pine Lodge 

Sarah Reeve has gone down the lists of one of Pine Lodge's greatest assets.
 She is testament to how, if you want something enough. Success will happen. A total Pine Lodge production and we love her!

I've never been one to make much of myself. I believe that  success is measured not by your own achievements but by the people you have helped to achieve and their opinion of you. So rather than fill a page with hot air I do not believe I have asked others to offer their thoughts, so you may draw your own conclusions as to whether I am able to assist you and your horse.  I have been privileged enough to recieve some incredible training over the years on some amazing horses and hope to pass on what I have learned. I also believe that knowledge ends where violence begins and that anything forced cannot be beautiful, with horses timing is crucial above all else and regardless of your level of riding or your horses training, with the right instruction much can be achieved. After all everyone needs an eye on the ground.

Sarah's parents Joan and Ian Reeve

Since a toddler Sarah has developed an affinity for a myriad of usual and unusual pets as well as all of the animals at her local Easton Farm College, especially the larger ones! She developed a special relationship with horses and was riding from the age of 4. Sarah sees horses and their riders as individuals and unique in their characters and abilities, and we believe is gifted in having a special ability to see and help them release their untapped potential. Naturally as parents we are proud and delighted to see how Sarah has grown into her career as a freelance instructor and shares her gift so generously and enthusiastically with her clients.

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