Having trained at Pine Lodge School of Classical Equitation for many years and with some 25 years of riding experience, including Dressage, Show Jumping, Cross Country, Classical and Working Equitation. Backing and Schooling horses of all levels I endeavour to pass on my knowledge. Specialising in confidence issues in horse and rider. I focus on basic foundations for further schooling up the levels. With the main aim of attaining functionality, straightness and lightness. I ride with empathy for even the most difficult of horses developing a true partnership between Horse and Rider.

National Standards

Nothing but the Best

Sarah Reeve is a classically trained rider and instructor based in east Anglia. With over 25 years of experience in all aspects of riding and training including dressage, showjumping ,cross country, and both classical and working equitation.

Personalized Attention

For Your Benefit

Specialising in confidence issues in both horse and rider. I provide a holistic approach to my training, looking at all factors to improve you and your horse. With the aim of achieving a horse and rider that are both working in harmony physically and mentally together, and capable of the job in hand. 

Not Pulling Your Reins

No Hot Air

"I've never been one to make much of myself. I believe that  success is measured not by your own achievements but by the people you have helped to achieve and their opinion of you. So rather than fill a page with hot air I do not believe I have asked others to offer their thoughts."


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